Privacy Policy

Atyafi Store team is pleased to gain your trust and Atyafi Store assures that your data privacy is granted and secured through following the privacy policy and personal information confidentiality procedures.

Atyafi Privacy Policy

A. Stored information in Atyafi Store databases

  1. Users’ Personal information (Name – Age – Email – National ID – Residency ID)
  2. Login Information (User Name – Password – Email – The Chosen Question & its Answer to reset your Password)
  3. Navigation & Preferences Info (Cookies) used to improve the user experience

B. Does Atyafi Store share the Users’ Information?

1.Atyafi Store uses the stored information only to improve the user experience for our store visitors and to facilitate the online shopping experience & transactions.

2.Only the authorized members of Atyafi Store team will access stored information only for internal uses and they’re not eligible to share this information with anyone.

3.Atyafi Store will not permit any illegal activity of any users to maintain other users’ privacy and even if that requires seeking legal help from Atyafi Store attorney & contacting legal authorities.

C. What is the security level of Atyafi Store databases?  

One of Atyafi Store main goals is to assure the security and privacy of Users’ personal information but it’s not possible to assure achieving that totally (100%), therefor Atyafi Store points out the following:

  1. Atyafi Store seeks to maintain the privacy of all users’ information without violating our privacy policy
  2. Atyafi Store secure the users’ information using multiple online security layers & servers
  3. Atyafi Store request from our visitors’ “users” to avoid sharing their login information and other personal data with anyone to reduce the risk of any hacking activities .

D. Is there any third party involved in transactions “relationship” between Atyafi Store & traders?

Atyafi Store’s privacy policy will decide the involvement of any third party (ex: marketers / technical specialists / consumers) or anyone else involved in this business relationship.

E. Atyafi Store Terms & Conditions

All of ATYAFI Store responsibilities, the users’ responsibilities and rules governing the relationship of the store and consumers (users) are included in Atyafi Store Terms & Conditions which is based on Atyafi Store privacy policy created mainly to gain the trust of our store victors.