What’s Tamara?

We all dream to shop without making our budget suffer…

Tamara made that dream a reality!

Choose Tamara at the checkout and pay after 30 days of shipping or choose to pay 3 easy-peasy instalments.

1- Get what you want!

Shop till you drop and don’t forget to have a final runthrough on your cart then move to checkout.

2- Choose Tamara 

At the checkout you have two options with Tamara:

  • Pay in 30 days 

Which means you can get your order, try it then pay for it! Because the 30 days start right after the shipping date. 

*meaning, no return hassle* 

  • Pay in instalments

The total is to be split into 3 monthly instalments, first payment is at checkout to help you sustain your budget!

3- Easy payment

Pay in 30 days or in instalments through Tamara’s website where you can use any debit or credit card such as: Mada, Mastercard and visa. 

You can also use Apple Pay or a bank transfer!

Don’t forget to pay in time so that you don’t get the late payment penalty (25 SAR per late week)

What is needed?


Tamara is valid for Saudi and UAE residents 

To be above 18 years old

To have a debit or credit card such as: Mada, Mastercard and visa or Apple Pay.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ